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15 Diesel Tanker Trailer of 45kl Sent to Gambia

We require a higher effective load while less dead weight seems strict and unreasonable. But with Hardox steel, Panda can both reduce the weight of the tanker trailer and increase load capacity.

The customer from the Gambia was looking for a manufacturer in China who can produce semi trailers with such materials at a cheaper price. So when he found Panda Mech, he immediately contacted us and was eager to know this high-tensile steel advantages. He planned to build a 11500mm diesel tanker trailer with an increased load capacity of 100kg while keeping the dead weight still.

45 kl Diesel Tanker Trailer for sale Gambia

Hardox is always famous for higher tension and durability, which pave the road for manufacturing lighter fuel tankers. We give 45kl volume to improve transportation efficiency in this fuel tanker trailer.

According to the requirement from Gambia customer, to lessen the dead weight, Panda applies 3 axles to guarantee driving efficiency while keeping the fuel tanker nimble. Also, the Gambia customer chose the air suspension system to improve the damping ability, which also helps the fuel tanker trailer to reduce wearing and longer the service life.

Apart from the material, Panda offers pre-sales customization and after-sales training services.


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