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60T Low Bed Trailer Transport To Kenya

Our sales provided the customer with many product photos and our production plant, so that the customer gradually trusted us.

During the communication with the customer, the sales staff provided professional advice and suggestions to the customer and finally decided to buy 60 tons lowbed truck semi-trailer with folding ladder.

It is a hydraulic folding ladder, which is easy to move equipment up and down. It includes a fixed tail plate fixed at the end of the lowbed truck trailer. The outside front and rear ends of the fixed tailgate are pivotally attached to the main ladder. Two main ladders are attached to the fixed tailboard.

There are two main rotating brackets between them, two main climbing ladders with rear folding ladders at the ends away from the main rotating brackets, and connectors between the main climbing ladders and the rear folding ladders.

The fixed tail plate is fixed with hydraulic brackets at the front and rear ends of the outer side, the centers of the two hydraulic brackets are connected with hydraulic cylinders by rotation, and the centers of the inner surfaces of the two main ladders are fixed with hydraulic cylinder brackets corresponding to the folding rotation.

The design of hydraulic folding mechanism and auxiliary support mechanism not only can automatically fold and expand, but also can play a stable auxiliary support role when heavy vehicles pass, which greatly improves the overall work efficiency.

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