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Curtain Side Trailer

The curtain side trailer is widely used in food, beverage, crop pallet and other pallet stuff transportation. The whole structure of the trailier is a normal box trailer while the side of the container is not covered by steel plate but instead high tension non wooven fabric which can be opened and closed easily. The […]

Dumper Trailer

China dumper trailer supplied by us has various payload capacity ranging from 20 to 50 tons. The dumper body can be U shape or with sharp angle. The dumper base panel normally has a thickness of 8mm while sidewalls 6mm. Lifting angle is 50 degree. The hydraulic cylinder, which powered by PTO from the prime […]

Car Carrier Trailer for Sale

The model of china car carrier trailer is decided by how many vehicles to be loaded. Standard model of car carrier trailer includes 5 rigid type, 6-vehicle carrier, 8-vehicle carrier, 10-vehicle and more, normally 2 layers. The carrier design varies according to the vehicle model to be loaded (Sedan, Hatchback, SUV, MPV, etc). Normally, the […]