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3 Axle 40 Ton Low Bed Truck Semi Trailer

Axle NO:3
Payload:40 Tons
Size :13000*2800*1700 mm
Wheel Base:8580+1310+1310 mm


3 Axle 40 Ton Low Bed Truck Semi Trailer is usually used to transport heavy vehicles (e.g., tractors, buses and special vehicles, etc.), rail vehicles, mining machine forestry machinery, agricultural machinery, such as excavators, bulldozers, loaders, paver, cranes, etc.) and other heavy goods, its center of gravity is lower, the better the stability and safety, transport overheight cargo and overhead obstacles by the stronger the ability.

3 Axle 40 Ton Low Bed Truck Semi Trailer | trailers for sale in south africa | semi trailer vehicle

Dimension ( Lx W x H )( mm) 13000* 2800* 1700
Curb Weight (KG) 7000
Loading Weight ( KG) 40000
Total Wheight (KG) 47000
Departure Angle 16
Axle Brand FUWA 13TON Axle
Axle Number 3
Wheelbase (mm) 8580+ 1310+ 1310
Suspension system Mechanical suspension
Steel Spring 10/ 10/ 10
Fram The height of the beam is500mm, upper plate is 18mm,down plate is 20mm, middle plate is 10mm. according to the buyer’s requirement
Platform plate 5mm Diamond Plate
Tire Type and quantity 1200-20 12units
Traction Pin 50mm or 90mm
Spare Wheel Bracket 2 picecs
Tool Box 1 Unit
Landing Leg 28T load landing leg
Brake system Dual Line braking system , none ABS.
Brake air chamber 6 air chambers
Electrical system 24V,7 Pole plug
Tail lamp with turn signal, brake light; reflector, side lamp etc.
One set 6-core standard Cable.

Sophisticated technologies—–The main parts are processed using the advanced equipments,the longitudinal beam is welded by the (imported from)Germany Automatic submerged arc welding machine;Using the assembly machine to realize the axletree assembly;Using the diastimeter to guarantee wheelbase;Using the electric tester to debug the whole vehicle eletric road;Using the shot blasting to processing the vehicle parts which can increase the adhesion of the paint.

Frame—–Using the assembly welded space frame structure which formed by welded-type longitudinal beam (made of 16Mn steel plate) and the whole Run-through cross beam;Reasonable structure,can evenly consider the strength,stiffness and toughness of the frame so that the trailer possess strong carrying capacity and without permanent deformation etc. Characteristic.

3 Axle 40 Ton Low Bed Truck Semi Trailer

3 Axle 40 Ton Low Bed Truck Semi Trailer | trailers for sale in south africa | semi trailer vehicle

Axle—–Adopting the excellent axle produced by the professional manufactures,strong bearing,difficult to deformation;Meanwhile can opt famous ABS system from domestic and overseas reduce braking distance,effectively prevent the vehicle skidding/flicking etc. phenomenons caused by wheels locking when emergency braking,Improving vehicle safety.

Suspension—–Using a unique new suspension system,high strength, high impact resistance; each axle load balance,the system draw-bar angle design is reasonable,in the process of running frequent bumps,reduce slippage caused by instant friction between the tires and the ground, reduce tire wear,and meanwhile can adjust the draw-bar to adjust the wheelbase,effectively avoid eccentric wear and eating tire phenomenon; axis card is the whole casting, of which the lower axis card is the patented product.

Braking system-—-Adopting the safe and reliable dual-circuit breathe brake,storage branch cylinder with braking function when parking,using the reliable relay valve.

A variety of gooseneck structure—–Low bearing surface low to meet the transport needs of different goods.

The load capacity of the low bed semi trailer for sale is mainly achieved by the frame, that is, the most important factor affecting the tri axle low bed trailer for sale load capacity is the frame. The stronger the frame, the better the carrying capacity.


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