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Tri Axle End Dump Trailers Truck

Dimension: 11700*2500*3800m(outside)
Capcaity: 80 tons or customized
Axle: 5 axles BPW or SF
Suspension: Mechanical/Air bag suspension


45 Cubic Meter Tipper Trailer Price
The tri-axle end dump trailer is a versatile trailer that can handle heavy loads of sand, small stones, or rocks with ease. The trailer is made of high-strength steel, ensuring durability and longevity.

The loading capacity of the SF tri-axle end dump trailer ranges from 30 to 100 tons, making it ideal for a variety of applications. The trailer uses a complete set of HYVA lifting cylinders, renowned for their excellent workmanship. The HYVA hydraulic lifting cylinder ensures stable lifting performance, making it a reliable choice for transporting bulk goods.

Tri Axle End Dump Trailers for Sale-1

Tri Axle End Dump Trailers Truck | Semi trailer vehicle

The longitudinal beam of the trailer is welded using an automatic submerged arc welding process, which enhances the strength of the trailer. SF uses a precision assembly axle assembly machine and steel spring to ensure a smooth ride. The rear tipping trailer is designed to improve transportation efficiency by facilitating the unloading of bulk goods.

SF’s Tri Axle End Dump Trailers Truck has several advantages that make it stand out from the rest. Firstly, the trailer uses a double-slab main beam design that provides better bearing capacity and is less prone to damage. Secondly, the trailer has a heavy-duty hydraulic cylinder with a larger diameter, enabling it to lift heavier loads to greater heights. Thirdly, the trailer’s side walls are reinforced with a 4-unit sub-beam and beam structure, making the side doors stronger. Fourthly, the leaf spring is widened and thickened, providing superior shock absorption. Finally, the trailer has a unique structural design that maximizes its payload capacity.

Tri Axle End Dump Trailers Truck

Tri Axle End Dump Trailers Truck | Semi trailer vehicle

SF Tri Axle End Dump Trailers Truck is an excellent choice for heavy-duty transportation needs. Its superior design, high loading capacity, and robust construction make it a reliable and durable trailer for transporting bulk goods. SF’s commitment to quality and excellent workmanship is evident in every aspect of this trailer’s design, making it an outstanding addition to their product line.

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