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The most common way to transport a modified shipping container and the most recommended  is by using a tractor trailer. However, there are occasions in which mounting a container on a trailer with a chassis (a frame on wheels that carries the container) is the best solution.

If a company plans to regularly tow their container over poorly maintained roads, or if the container needs some extra height on-site, it time to consider transporting your shipping container on a chassis.

Can You Put a Shipping Container on a Trailer?

Typically, modified shipping containers are placed directly on the ground or pre-poured foundation, where they serve as storage units, workspaces, shelters, and other facilities. However, they can instead be securely positioned on a trailer by using a specialty forklift or crane. Below are two use cases in which a chassis (sometimes referred to as a shipping container trailer) was the right solution to solve a height or location challenge.

Chassis Brings Equipment Storage to the Right Height

One of our customers wanted storage for emergency equipment near their warehouse, which had a raised loading dock. They hoped to place the storage container just outside the warehouse for easy loading and unloading. However, there wasn enough room to place the unit directly on the loading dock, and placing the container below the dock at ground levelwould have made it difficult to respond quickly to emergencies. Instead, they needed portable storage that was level with the dock but not actually on the dock.

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