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SF Vehicle tell you semi-trailer reversing skills what exactly is the?

Reversing skills are very important, and even more so for semi-trailers. Here are some basic tips for reversing a semi-trailer:

1, first of all, driving in a straight line is the basic skills of semi-trailer reversing. In reverse, you can use the front end of the semi-trailer to cover the trailer’s hanging body, because the hanging body is inside the front hanging. The body closest to the trailer is the front end, so we can judge the direction of the trailer by observing the wobbling pattern of the front end in the reflector. As long as the mind is as quiet as water, slowly looking for the pattern in the reflector, you can master the skills of playing the wheel back to the wheel.

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2, only after repeated practice, you can find the feeling in a straight line, in advance to predict the law of the wheel back to the wheel. If you can’t even practice in a straight line, then it is impossible to master the semi-trailer reversing skills. Therefore, we should practice more, use the reflector to observe the front end to cover the movement of the hanging body, eyes to hands to, eyes and hands as one, eyes in front, hands to follow.

3, semi-trailer reversing process is like a love affair, need to first understand, familiarize yourself with, drive, and ultimately to achieve as you wish to control the dynamics of the trailer. The practice method is to start with a straight line first, and then try the curves. If you can’t even drive a straight line in a stable manner, then don’t try a curve. Side-by-side practice is the process of learning to curve; small curves are small side-by-side practice, and large curves are large side-by-side training. Only in the reflector no matter how the trailer is slanted, we can control the degree of bending of the trailer, can be considered a qualified semi-trailer driver. The practice of using the reflector to control the dynamics of the trailer is what makes it different from other exercises. No matter which semi-trailer skills are inseparable from driving in a straight line.

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4, side orientation is also very important, warehouse parking is done by side orientation plus straight driving. Side orientation skills can not be described by precise numbers, it is a summary of personal experience. Generally speaking, as long as you hit the wheel back the least, back to the wheel the most accurate, can be regarded as a qualified semi-trailer driver. Semi-trailer reversing needs to maintain a sensitive triangle support strength to push the trailer to the destination by correcting the steering wheel movement to complete the reversing task. Of course, safety is a prerequisite for reversing, because there will always be a blind spot when reversing a semi-trailer, and what we see with our eyes doesn’t mean we can’t see that side.

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