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What’s with the generator? Purely “electrically frozen” refrigerated trailers!

Don’t believe it, the electrification of the trailer this is not said to come? From 2023 many foreign media information, many European countries and urban areas for night driving vehicles have strict noise control requirements, and even, many core areas are set up as a “zero-emission zone”. In these areas, it is obvious that new energy models are a better choice.

So, in addition to trucks, tractor + trailer combination and how to achieve a comprehensive new energy?

In fact, in the past two years, foreign Hanover Motor Show, BMW and other types of exhibitions have given the answer, electric trailer is “crazy” growth, especially in 2023, the electric trailer began to gradually deliver into operation of the news has been commonplace.

In the ensuing years, trailer electric drive axle the effectiveness of this technology has been effectively verified by the market, thus many European axle and trailer companies in this track began to pull the wrist. With the rise of many emerging technologies, the same trajectory, the preliminary solution is to have no problem, the late efficiency is the real contest!

At this stage, in the new energy and purely electric trailer, there are two mainstream technologies, one is the electric drive axle that can be directly co-driven, and the other is the power generation axle that can realize energy recovery, and the main difference between the two lies in the power to intervene in the operation of the vehicle. No matter which one, the core is to realize zero carbon emissions while reducing vehicle operating costs.



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