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The semi -trailer operation, maintenance, and maintenance knowledge are here!

Half -trailers have become the mainstay of domestic transportation today, but when many domestic owners use vehicles, they have focused their attention on tract cars and ignore the trailer.
In fact, the trailer is equally important for the operation of the vehicle. So how should the semi -trailers operate correctly, and what should I pay attention to when using a trailer? After reading this article, I believe you will have a close understanding of the use of semi -trailers.
Half -trailer safety operation

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1. The connection between the traction car and the semi -trailer

1.1. The semi -trailer traction height is matched with the traction vehicle with the size of the traction sales, the radius, and the gap radius, and the inspection should be performed before the connection.

1.2. Carefully check the traction sales of the traction saddle and the semi -trailer. Is there enough sand, dust or or other foreign objects on the traction skateboard.

2. The cargo of the van or semi -trailer

2.1. In order to load and unload and transport cargo, vehicles and personal safety, in the process of loading and unloading goods or transportation, the cargo parts in the carriage are strictly prohibited.

2.2. When loading and unloading the cargo, open the two left and right back doors at the same time, and the two back doors open the angle of 0 degrees-270 degrees. After opening, the door hooks to hook the door to fix the door and then load the goods. In order to install the safety of unloading, the left and right back doors are more than 180 degrees. After completing the loading and unloading work, close the left door and then close the right door. Then the lock rod is locked. Lead seal. The side door opening angle is 180 degrees, and other operations are the same as the back door.

2.3. Before the side curtain car is loaded, let go of the side curtain on the corner column and the hook at the lower end of the curtain, and then move the side curtain to one end of the compartment.

2.4. After the side curtain cars with the middle wall are loaded, the side curtain tightly tightly tighten the hook at the lower end of the curtain. The side curtain car without the middle wall should fix the sliding column according to the requirements, and then fix the side fence (blocking the crossbar), and finally tighten the side curtain.

2.5. If there is a solid cargo device in the van, it is necessary to make full use of the fixed cargo device in the compartment to bind the goods.

2.6. When loading and unloading, you must use the forklift according to the requirements of each car.

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3. Driving
3.1, start

A correctly manipulates the legs, so that the bottom of the legs leaves the ground and rises to the extreme position to ensure that the bottom of the legs is not less than 320mm (when the semi -semi -trailer is full), and then hangs the handle on the hook.

B check whether the tire pressure is the specified value.

C check whether the gas brake system’s air pressure is within the specified range, and only when the gas storage cylinder air pressure reaches 550kPa.

D releases the parking hand brake.

3.2, driving

After the above operation, you can drive. When going downhill, you must strictly abide by the following points:

A should prevent the braking drum from being overheated when the long -slope or urgent slope is used.

B should not use the semi -trailer braking system alone for a long time.

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4. Separation

4.1. Choose a flat and solid ground to park semi -trailers and tractors. Check whether the trailer brake is effective. The manipulating support device continues to rotate and shakes the bottom of the base, so that the semi -trailer traction skateboard lifts up a certain gap in order to exit the traction vehicle.

4.2. Turn off the semi -trailer road connection on the traction vehicle separated from the switch, and then unload the gas supply and control pipeline joint of the car from the semi -trailer.

4.3, unplug the cable plug from the semi -trailer cable connection socket and place it on the traction car.

4.4. Manipulate the leading lock mechanism to make the lock block open.

4.5. Slowly drive a traction vehicle to leave the traction and traction seat away, thereby separating the semi -trailer and traction vehicle.

4.6. When parking for a long time, the parking hand brake valve should be manipulated to enable the spring energy storage braking of the brake split pump.

4.7. After separation, check whether there are abnormalities in the semi -trailers, and release the water in the puma in the lower part of the air storage tube.

4.8. The precautions of the corresponding traction vehicle are shown in the “Instruction Manual of the Direction Vehicle”.


5. Ensure that the vehicle must pay attention to or adopted as follows:

5.1. All the back doors, side doors, side curtains and side fences (blocking goods) should be locked.

5.2. When turning, the speed should be reduced to reduce the impact of the side wall of the cargo and prevent rollover.

5.3. The speed should be reduced at the intersection of the railway and the uneven road to reduce the impact of the cargo on the carriage body.

5.4. The loading quality should be properly judged, and it should not be used by overloading;

5.5. For semi -trailers for container transportation, check whether all the transfer is locked.


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