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How To Clean Up The Container Semi-Trailer?

Poor debugging of the container semi-trailer will directly affect the performance of the trailer. To some extent, it will affect the fuel consumption of the trailer and the wear of the trailer’s tires, and may even cause serious problems. When debugging the trailer, please choose a flat production area. A flat and bright work site can improve the accuracy and speed of debugging.

Check the balance beam to check for irregular wear of car tires. The main function of the balance beam is to balance the load capacity between the axles. The steel plate is broken or its strength is reduced. Axle car tires wear too fast. Automobile leaf springs are the main component of the total weight bearing of the trailer. The main function is adjustment. When the single-layer steel plate breaks or the strength is reduced, it will cause the axle tires to wear too quickly, and if the left and right deviation of the towing pin is too large, the trailer will flick.

1. Reduce the wear of large trucks; large trucks are very heavy, so the degree of wear is also great. Lubricating oil can reduce the sliding friction between machines and prevent mechanical wear.

How To Clean Up The Container Semi-Trailer

2. Anti-corrosion and anti-rust: Large trucks are equipped with many metal materials. Long-term use of large truc

ks is likely to corrode large trucks. Lubricating oil can also be coated with a layer of grease on the rusty parts film to prevent corrosion.

3. Cooling temperature: The use of lubricating oil can reduce the sliding friction and heat gen

eration of large trucks, and the other can cool continuous high temperature, which can ensure the normal operation of large trucks.

The cleaning method for container semi-trailers is to use non-scratching car wash liquid. Usually, we use washing powder, detergent and wax brush to clean the 13-meter semi-trailer. The advantages and disadvantages of cleaning a 13-meter semi-trailer are as follows: Although it is common to use wax to clean the front washing water of large trucks, we pay more attention to the exterior paint medical services of large trucks. Due to the increase in the total number and types of car wax in the water washing process, the car will have a brighter gloss. Washable surfactants are common ingredients in facial cleansers and will not damage the car body.

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