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How to distinguish between the big goose neck and the small goose neck?

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In the freight industry, the goose -necked semi -trailer is widely used. It is suitable for a variety of mechanical equipment, large objects, highway construction equipment, large -piece tanks, power stations, and various steel transportation.
The goose neck semi -semi -trailer generally has a goose neck in the front section, the middle section is a cargo platform, and the rear section is a wheel frame. There is no column plate around. From a structural perspective, it can be divided into flat, concave beams and tire exposure.

Heavy duty construction equipment transport 50t semi trailer

Compared with ordinary semi -trailers, the goose -necked semi -trailer can reduce the center of gravity of the vehicle, improve the stability of the vehicle, and pass the passability of the high road section.
When buying a car, people can often hear the business personnel who introduced the “big goose neck” and “small goose neck”. So how is these two semi -trailers distinguished?

In fact, it is mainly distinguished from the height of the goose neck. Generally speaking, the height difference between the goose neck and the cargo platform of the big goose neck is> 300 mm.

At present, the governance of relevant departments on overloads is continuously enhanced, and even if the container semi -trailer, the height cannot exceed 4m. From this point of view, the big goose -necked semi -trailer can better reduce the height and center of gravity of the cargo platform, and solve the problem of super high vehicles. It does not exceed the limit, and the center of gravity is stable at the same time, which is conducive to driving safety.

Under normal circumstances, the goose -necked structure mainly exists in low flat semi -trailers, special skeleton vehicles for container transportation, and semi -trailers (sedan cars) for transportation.

If it is a low flat semi -trailer or a car car, it must not be able to transport the goods, because these two semi -trailers are dedicated cars. Among them, the low -plate semi -trailer is dedicated to transporting “large non -disassembly” goods, sedan Vehicles are used for transportation passenger vehicles, and transportation of goods is illegal according to regulations.

4 Axle Lowbed Semi Trailer Double Tires

If it is a skeleton -type goose neck trailer specializing in the container, it is okay to transport the goods, because for the transportation of the container transport, the container belongs to the category of the cargo. It does not belong to the body structure.

The goose neck semi -trailer has a certain particularity in the application field, and its accessories are also different from ordinary semi -trailers. For example, the rear bridge, the goose -neck semi -trailer is small, and the choice of bridge must also meet the characteristics of high carriers and low center of gravity. The low -table bridge produced by Darong Group is specially created for the goose -necked semi -trailer. Not only is the height from the ground is significantly smaller than other bridges, but the wall thickness of the shaft is also higher than that of ordinary bridges. In addition, brake drums are braking drums. , Brake pads, bearings, bolts, etc. are also dedicated to heavy -duty semi -trailers, and various indicators such as strength, toughness, wear resistance and other indicators are also higher.


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