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How to save fuel for the semi -trailer of containers?

The fuel saving of driving trailers is achieved by the correct operation used by the driver and every reasonable measure. Commonly used driving sneak fuel efficiency methods are:

1. Slowly accelerate. The car starts at a low gear, and then slowly accelerates, than to use a rapid acceleration method. When reaching the same medium speed, fuel saves a lot. For cars driving in cities, it is considerable to use slow and accelerated fuel saving.

2. Use economic speed. At the time of economic vehicle speed, cars are a state of small car wear and low fuel consumption, which saves costs. However, with economic speed driving, it will affect transportation productivity. Therefore, in actual production, cars are often driving at medium speeds slightly higher than economic speed, and their economic effects will be better.

3. Fat foot. The feet are light -handed, which means that the foot should be lifted lightly, and the transformation of the hand should be fast and timely. Stepping on the accelerator can save fuel, mainly because the general carburetor has accelerated devices and intensive device. If you step on the accelerator pedal, the acceleration device and the intensive device play a “additional” fuel supply, resulting in the increase in fuel consumption. If the throttle is raised suddenly, the engine speed will suddenly be led by the engine speed, offset some of the rows, and increase the fuel consumption.

4. Use braking correctly. Under the part of ensuring safety, try to use less braking, which is also an effective measure for fuel saving. The method of “slipping the temple” by raising the throttle in advance to reduce the natural deceleration of the car can not only save fuel, but also reduce the wear of the machine.

5, low -speed gears are not speeding, high -speed gear does not slow. At the same road and a certain speed, although the power emits the same power, the lower the gear position, the greater the reserve power, the lower the engine load rate, and the higher the effective fuel consumption rate. The situation when using high -speed gear is the opposite.

6. Safety gliding. Setting can be divided into acceleration, deceleration, and downhill. During the taxi, the engine is generally idling, and the gear bar is placed in the aircraft position. The engine consumes only very little oil. But be sure to pay attention to safety.

7. Keep enough distance with the car. This can use less braking, which is safe and fuel -efficient.

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