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Must pay attention to these points for semi trailer maintenance replacement!

In recent years , the impact of the epidemic has been widespread,china trailer the market has been slow to rebound, the profit margin of the transport industry has been repeatedly compressed, and the pressure on users to replace their vehicles has increased. In order to meet the two-way demand for cost reduction and efficiency and vehicle renewal, SF semi trailer good quality semi-trailer business has become the first choice of many users to replace the vehicle.

semi trailer maintenance replacement!

Flatbed Semi Trailers

So, what should users pay attention to in the face of such a hot SF china semi trailer business?

Comprehensive consideration of quality
The first thing is to avoid the old trailer “thick skin”, design defects and other issues in the new trailer again. From the trailer material, design, weight, reputation and other aspects of the new trailer quality comprehensive consideration.
SF semi trailer to ensure that the same material selection and the entire vehicle, the entire vehicle using high-strength steel, effectively reducing the weight of the trailer.

semi trailer maintenance replacement!-1

Flatbed Semi Trailers

According to the different parts of the vehicle force, different materials, such as beams using Baosteel 750 or TISCO 700 material, taking into account the strength and toughness, box door square tube and other parts of the 1500 material, to protect the body of the load-bearing capacity.
With years of experience in trailer design, SF semi trailer technical team constantly updates and optimises the design of the vehicle by combining with users’ feedback, and provides customised services for users in different regions and carrying different cargoes. Tailor-made, specialised vehicles can help users to improve market competitiveness, enhance the experience of using the vehicle, and improve the efficiency of trailer attendance.

To make “first-time customers” become “repeat customers” is the best reflection of the product market reputation.
According to the user’s description: this vehicle has been used for five years, due to the frequent loading of chemical goods and coal, the box door is somewhat corroded, but the beam part is still very intact, the quality of SF semi truck trailer is recognised, so the purchase of semi-trailers again choose SF semi trailer.


Flatbed Semi Trailers

In response to the user’s cargo demand, the new semi truck trailer is upgraded with electrostatic powder coating process. “Armour” like paint, hardness, adhesion, anti-corrosion, anti-rust and other properties are improved, can withstand the wind and sun, the baptism of the goods collision, more durable, to meet the diversified needs of users.
SF china trailer can according to the user’s actual use needs, in the factory standard configuration based on the user’s reasonable plus or minus configuration, to help users save the cost of purchasing a car, and complete accessories, but also a gift of the entire vehicle electrical road and so on.
In the measurement of data, to remind the majority of users: in the measurement of the following data, the car should be parked on a flat surface, empty car state for measurement.
SF semi truck trailer provides free accommodation and food for the users who come to the factory to pick up the vehicle, and the process is transparent, and the quality inspection department of the company carries out quality inspection after the vehicle assembly is completed, which comprehensively ensures that the quality of the trailer is up to standard.

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