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Semi-trailer Factory Summarizes Post-Maintenance Needs

Semi-trailer factory has summarized the maintenance methods needed in the later period. Do you know about it? The later stage maintenance of semi-trailers is very important. Paying attention to maintenance can prolong the lifespan of semi-trailers, reduce engine problems. Some owners seldom take care of their semi-trailers, and the lack of maintenance can lead to frequent problems, shortening the working lifespan. We will briefly introduce the article sorted out by the semi-trailer factory.

  • The semi-trailer factory cleans and lubricates all the parts according to the lubrication chart.
  • Semi-trailer factory inspects and adjusts the clearance between the brake pads and drums of all wheels.
  • The semi-trailer factory checks for leakage in the brake system and hydraulic system pipelines, and whether the connecting hoses are intact.
  • Check whether the electrical wiring of the semi-trailer is loose, damaged, or has poor insulation.
  • Check whether all parts of the semi-trailer fifth wheel coupling and steering gear are intact.
  • Check whether the connection of the steering rod is loose and whether it affects the straightness of the tires, and adjust the steering rod system if necessary.
  • Check whether all parts of the semi-trailer suspension are intact.
  • Check whether all tires of the semi-trailer have excessive or abnormal wear, whether the tire pressure is sufficient, and whether the valve position is correct.
  • Clean all parts of the semi-trailer and check whether there is paint peeling, rust, dirt or not.
  • Inspect all components of the power unit of the semi-trailer, clean the oil tank and valves, and check the oil quality. Change the oil if necessary.

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