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Semi-Trailer Maintenance And Maintenance

1. Routine inspections every week or before each transportation
Every week or before each transportation (whichever occurs first), the following safety inspections must be performed:
Check the tire pressure and adjust it to the level recommended by the tire manufacturer; check the tightness of the tire screws; check whether the brake system is leaking and test whether it can brake; check the tightness of all nuts, screws and bolts of the suspension; check the tractor and Semi-trailer brake connection; drain the air reservoir and the air chamber equipped with air suspension; check all lamps; check and ensure that the outriggers are working properly; check the wear and tear of moving parts;


60 Ton Fence Cargo Semi Trailer

2. Monthly inspection
Check the tightness of all suspension parts (according to the torque data provided); check whether the leaf spring reeds are broken; check all the joints and hoses of the brake system for damage, and whether the hose clamps are missing; check the relay Proper operation of valves and other valves; check the wear of the tension rod bushing; check the brake drum for cracks or abnormal wear; check whether the lubricating oil of the axle will leak; check all the fasteners, focusing on the inspection Fasteners at outriggers, tires, axles, etc. (in any case, nuts, screws and other fasteners should be tightened to the recommended torque parameters) check the wear of the traction pin; check whether the brakes are normal; give the outriggers and Traction plate/traction pin lubrication; lightly lubricate the brake camshaft and slack adjuster; check whether the joints of the side wall panel, door panel, and top panel are open; replace the worn parts with the parts produced or approved by the regular company.

60 Ton Fence Cargo Semi Trailer Truck

60 Ton Fence Cargo Semi Trailer Truck

3. Annual maintenance
After the vehicle has been used for 6 months, a comprehensive inspection shall be carried out every 12 months to ensure the performance of the vehicle (including the maintenance at the 6th month). The inspection scope is the same as the above monthly inspection, with the following additional clauses: Remove the brake drum and thoroughly inspect the brake shoes for no additional or unjustified wear; check the brake shoe return spring, brake bushing, and camshaft Whether the casing, brake shoe roller, etc. are damaged; check the bearing and axle connecting parts; thoroughly inspect the vehicle structure, and report any problems immediately; replace all worn or damaged parts with replacement parts recommended by the company.

4. Smooth
In order to drive safely and extend the service life of the semi-trailer, grease must be added to each lubrication part regularly. When adding grease, the following should be paid attention to: the refueling utensils and the lubricating cup should be cleaned first. When the grease cup cannot be filled with grease, check the reason and replace it if it is damaged.


Fence Semi Trailer With High Side Wall

Fence Semi Trailer With High Side Wall



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