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What Is The Prospect Of The Ultra-long And Low-flat Semi-trailer Market?

The ultra-long low-flat semi-trailer is connected to the tractor’s traction seat through a traction pin. The ordinary container truck is a typical semi-trailer, and the rear loading part is a semi-trailer. Unlike a full trailer, the axle of a semi-trailer is located behind the center of the vehicle (when the vehicle is evenly loaded), and is equipped with a coupling device that can transmit horizontal or vertical forces to the tractor.Low-flat Semi-trailer Market

Driving Skills of Super Long Low Flat Semi-trailer

Low-flat semi-trailers also have certain skills in the cab. We can only guarantee our driving safety if we drive correctly and reasonably. 

1. When driving an ultra-long low-flat semi-trailer, do not accelerate immediately after starting. You should slow down for a few minutes to let the engine heat up and accelerate again, so as not to consume fuel.

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2. If you have just bought a new car, you must pay attention to the running-in period and keep in mind the driving principles of the new car such as the speed not exceeding 80 kilometers per hour and the speed not exceeding 4000 rpm.

3. Manufacturers of ultra-long and low-flat semi-trailers remind everyone that heavy braking, heavy starting, and heavy pedaling are all taboos to save fuel, so you must avoid these situations when driving a semi-trailer.

4. Check the trailer parts frequently, and replace some vulnerable parts in time.

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